Credit Analytic Solutions
Transforming Credit Risk Management

Get the full picture of
your credit risk exposure…

…with access to a powerful set of risk analysis capabilities on a single platform to help you thoroughly assess the creditworthiness of potential investments and counterparties.

  • Enhance efficiency

    …with a robust workflow capability to quickly monitor, detect and analyze credit risk with suppliers, partners, customers, funding institutions, borrowers and investments.

  • Expand your view

    …with a combination of short-term credit risk indicators for ongoing surveillance of credit risk and long-term indicators for strategic decision-making.

  • Ensure consistency

    …in your analysis with a common baseline of global credit measures across rated and unrated public and private companies.

S&P Global Market Intelligence brings together a wide range of capabilities to support in-depth analysis, credit surveillance and risk management by providing access to:

  • Credit Ratings and Research from S&P Global Ratings
  • Credit Risk Indicators
  • Credit Analytic Models / Credit Surveillance Templates
  • Default and Recovery Data
  • Fundamental Data for Public and Private Companies
  • Peer Comparisons & Industry Benchmark Capabilities
  • Macroeconomic Data and Key Developments