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Credit Market Pulse: April 2014

May 8, 2014   //   By Silvina Aldeco Martinez, and Thomas Yagel

Produced with the busy investment management, credit officer and financial risk reporting audience in mind, S&P Capital IQ’s Credit Market Pulse is the first publication for the credit risk industry that provides a holistic overview of the health and trends of global credit capital markets. The benchmarks, trends and individual company analyses examined in this article are intended to provide financial professionals with a better understanding of the risks and opportunities underlying their investment or lending decisions.

Like the previous editions, this issue of Credit Market Pulse has three core sections, providing different views of credit risk. These include:

  • Quarterly evolution of the median PD
  • Monthly evolution of the credit risk for constituents of the S&P 500 equity index and its various industry sub-indices
  • PD tables of individual companies that merit special attention

Based on your feedback we enhanced this edition and you can now see the credit risk trend for selected individual emerging market countries, and the credit risk for constituents of the FTSE 100 equity index, with which you are already familiar for the S&P 500 equity index.

We hope Credit Market Pulse will become an important tool for the credit risk community and others looking to bring additional credit risk metrics and forecasting capabilities into their financial decision making.

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