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Credit Market Pulse – April 2015

April 22, 2015   //   By Silvina Aldeco Martinez, and Thomas Yagel

Welcome to the eighth issue of Credit Market Pulse. In addition to the global credit coverage that this publication provides, we have added several features to this issue, including insights into the initial impact of the European quantitative easing (QE), and an updated Heatmap of European credit risk, previously seen in Credit Market Pulse: September 2014.

In this issue we highlight:

  • Credit quality improvements seen following the announcement of European QE now appear to be decelerating 4-weeks since implementation
  • Improvements in the credit quality of corporations across Northern and Western Europe
  • Global credit risk appears to be largely unaffected by FX, Greece or global geopolitical threats (ECB’s QE program helped a little)
  • Winds of change blowing in favor of Europe: S&P Europe 350® credit quality reaches a 12 month high
  • A striking change for Energy companies as we see third of the biggest credit risk improvements (6 out of 21) from this sector

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