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Credit Market Pulse: Asia Special Edition

September 17, 2014   //   By Clemens Thym, Thomas Yagel and Michelle Cheong

Welcome to the Asia Special Edition of Credit Market Pulse.

The Credit Market Pulse is S&P Capital IQ’s bi-monthly snapshot of corporate credit risk conditions around the world. The benchmarks, trends and individual company analyses examined in Credit Market Pulse are intended to provide financial professionals with a better understanding of the risks and opportunities underlying their investment or lending decisions, as well as how their portfolios perform against the market.

At the core of Credit Market Pulse is S&P Capital IQ’s proprietary probability of default (PD) model, ‘PD Market Signals’, a unique analytical model which provides daily changing, one-year forward looking PDs of publicly listed companies based on a cutting-edge econometric framework. In addition, this model generates more than 37,000 company-specific PDs every day, covering 99.9% of global market capitalization across developed economies, frontier and emerging markets.

Credit Market Pulse is rapidly becoming an important tool for credit risk officers, investment managers, the debt capital market community, and others looking to bring additional credit risk metrics and forecasting capabilities into their financial decision making.

In this special edition, we focus on credit trends across countries and sectors within Asia.

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