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Optimizing Credit Portfolio Surveillance: A Case Study

August 23, 2016   //   By Michelle Cheong

Over the last five years, S&P Global Ratings Long-Term Foreign Currency Issuer Credit Rating of a leading consumer electronics company deteriorated substantially, going from “A” (strong capacity to meet its financial commitments) in 2010 to “CCC+” (vulnerable) in 2015. Such dramatic changes in credit quality over a five-year period are more an exception than the…

Staying on Top of Counterparty Risk

July 1, 2016   //   By James Elder

Read our latest case study which discusses how S&P Global Market Intelligence was able to help a large American multinational energy company, active in more than 65 countries around the world and with thousands of customers, suppliers, buyers and other counterparties, “stay on top” of potential credit risk. “The Credit Group needed a more powerful…


The Impact of Uber on the Taxi Lending Industry: How Lenders are Facing Credit Quality Deterioration as a Result of Their Exposure

January 19, 2016   //   By Bob Durante, Eduardo Alves and Arnold Gevero

Taxi drivers and medallion owners are not the only ones feeling the impact of new competition brought on by ride-sharing companies like Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc. These disruptive technologies are also affecting the myriad of lenders to taxi medallion holders, including financial institutions, which are not only seeing the value of the medallions…


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