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PD Model Fundamentals – Banks: A Pioneer Model for Assessing Bank Creditworthiness

December 14, 2015   //   By Alma Chen and Giorgio Baldassarri

During the recent global economic downturn, the number of banks that defaulted rose to unprecedented levels. However, the high default rate for banks was not captured by most existing models developed in the marketplace, be it by model vendors or internally by financial institutions, corporations, or investors. This is partly because many existing models are…

Imputation Of Missing Company Financial Ratios: Bridging the Gap of Missing Company Financials to Estimate Credit Risk

November 24, 2015   //   By Giorgio Baldassarri and Alma Chen

One of the biggest challenges faced by analysts assessing credit risk of a large portfolio of counterparties is the lack or incompleteness of company financials. This issue is particularly common in the case of private companies, because they are usually not subject to the same strict accounting standards as their public counterparts and thus may…

Support Does Matter In Credit

August 10, 2015   //   By Alma Chen, Arsene Lui and Giorgio Baldassarri

Government-Related-Entities and Parental Support Overlay Government involvement in capital markets has been pervasive, even in industrial countries, for a long time; in the United States, for example, historically one observes frequent involvement in lending activities, through loan programs for students, for small businesses, for housing, for exports, and it is estimated that around 25% of…

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