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Imputation of Missing Company Financial Ratios

June 23, 2015   //   By Alma Chen, Susan Wang and Giorgio Baldassarri

Bridging the gap of missing company financials to estimate credit risk One of the biggest challenges faced by analysts assessing credit risk of a large portfolio of counterparties is the lack or incompleteness of company financials. This issue is particularly common in the case of private companies, because they are usually not subject to the…

PD Model Market Signals: An Enhanced Structural Probability Of Default Model

June 4, 2015   //   By Giorgio Baldassarri and Alma Chen

The recent turmoil experienced by global financial markets is characterized by highly volatile conditions that can quickly turn financially robust companies and financial institutions into weak ones, prone to default. In these conditions, it is critical that firms carefully monitor the evolution of the creditworthiness of their counterparties, by early screening and filtering of those…

Infrastructure Investment in Latin America: Confidently Measuring Risks

May 12, 2015   //   By Eduardo Alves, Associate Director, Credit Solutions, S&P Capital IQ

Governments around the world continue to struggle with tighter budgets and increasing infrastructure needs. As the traditional source for infrastructure investment, not only in Latin America, public coffers can no longer sustain the level of capital required to maximize long-term infrastructure development. This widening funding shortfall can only be bridged by attracting more private sector…

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