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Intercompany Finance: Applying The Arm’s Length Principle

May 1, 2015   //   By Silvina Aldeco Martinez and Ernest Breitschwerdt, CFA, Application Specialist, EMEA

Intercompany financing transactions now at record levels, have come under increasing scrutiny from tax authorities globally. At the same time internationalization and offshoring, already common practices in production and distribution, have extended to financing activities. Intercompany loans and guarantees have been added to the list of available options to fund growth in businesses within large…

Seeing the Light: Improving Credit Surveillance Using a Spectrum of Approaches

May 30, 2014   //   By , Giorgio Baldassarri and Michelle P. Cheong

Introduction Rising credit volatility over the last two decades has heightened the need for improved credit surveillance by both corporations and investment firms (Figure 1). Firms are increasingly aware that another wave of default might be triggered by various “sleeping volcanoes of credit risk”, including the potential impact of sovereign defaults, geopolitical events such as…

Monitoring For Deteriorating Credits With Early Warning Signals

December 1, 2013

As we discussed in our previous whitepaper, ‘High Yield Debt: Rising Demand in a Suppressed Yield Environment’, demand for speculative grade corporate bonds in Europe remains strong as investors search for inflation-beating yields in the low interest rate environment. The exceptional rise in issuance as well as positive inflows into European high yield funds in…

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